Company Name: Bestandfirst Georgia

Office: Georgian capital Tbilisi

Start up: 26 / March / 2009

Memberships: Member of the Association of Travel and Tourism offices in Tehran, Iran Supporters Association members and official representatives (NGO)

◄ticketing all internal and external lines
◄ train ticket from Tbilisi to other cities and states, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia
◄helicopters and small planes
◄ specialized tours, exhibitions, cultural, health, sports, tourism and pilgrimage
◄Iranian visas for foreign passengers
◄Rzrvasyvn and warranty hotels in Georgia and all countries except Israel
◄pavilion and international fairs, specialized and general
◄the international conference and seminars


◄ tourist exhibition in Tbilisi Expo exhibition center in cooperation with the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran Jvrchya and Cultural Heritage

◄ Exhibition Industry (province) at Expo Tbilisi Jvrchya, coordinating and organizing board of the Chamber of Commerce in Tehran, Islamic Republic of Georgia along with Mr. nahavandi President of the Chamber of Commerce and companions

◄ organizing and coordinating trade delegation in Golestan and services